Retreat in late Feb!

We are together again tonight!

We continue the topic of discipleship and talk about women who were hearing the message of Jesus and following him! Come, let’s grow together in this 6 week session on Jesus and being his disciples.
Also, we’re registered with the retreat on Feb 23-25 in Santa Cruz. I’ve registered many already. We’d love to see more from our group get to go retreat together. Who else can get in??
Info below…
See you tonight!
Fun developments have come to light, and it might be a cool opportunity for some fun and growth for our group:
1. The synod high school retreat is at Mt. Cross (Santa Cruz mnts) feb 23-25th. Because it’s a year where there’s a youth gathering in Houston in the summer (for high schoolers going into fall 2018), they recently told us that 8th graders are also open to come to the retreat this February too!
And, because we have such a mature/responsible group, I say that we just say that Haven and Chase and Owen are 8th graders too and it’s open to all our group.
2. We have a good group going already.
3. Every week your kids are asking me when our next retreat is. We can still do something in April, but how about this Feb. too? This retreat will be a lot of fun, great speaker, etc.
It’s $140 for the weekend and we can see about helping a scholarship $ out so that all kids that want to go can go. And, the price goes up after this week. I gotta know!
What do you say??!!  Who’s in?
bending the rules, in typical Lutheran fashion,

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