May Dinner!

We’re extending this month’s youth group dinner into the night … cause there’s no school Monday!
So come Sunday night from 5pm-7pm for dinner and learning and sacred time together. Then, if you can, stick around for games and more fun times and hearing each other’s stories about your year as it’s wrapping up!
5pm-10pm total. Bring a friend if you like!
Cornhole, volleyball, video games, more!
*Also, save the date, we’re playing bells in worship services on Sunday June 3rd.*
Happy Memorial Day! We’ll see you Sunday morning and Sunday night!,

Ciara’s Thoughts (bells)

  • Hey guys, today we played the hand bells at the 9:00 and the 11:00 services! It was super fun and we played wonderful! Ha-ha, sometimes we get lost in what measure we are on but it all looks and sounds good if we just smile and play. Playing the hand bells as a group is a great opportunity and I feel that it brings us closer together! So just remember that playing the bells is not only for the benefit of sounding good to others but it is also a time to share joy within the community and to share joy together.


Whole Bible – Dinner and A Show!

The Whole Bible in Under an Hour – Dinner and a Show! Sunday, April 15, 5:30-7pm

This is a Give What You Can event, and it’s for the kids, so come and give generously!  The funds will go to the High School Trip to the ELCA National Youth Gathering––this only happens once every three years, so come support this amazing group of 12 youth and 4 adults on this epic faith formation journey to Houston, Texas. We start with dinner and  then it’s a holistic and humorous look at God’s story in the world, as the Bible tells it. You won’t want to miss this chance to hear the whole story, from Genesis to Revelation.  And, you don’t want to miss this unique chance to donate to the youth trip!  Children, friends, neighbors are all invited.

Youth — you’re invited to participate with us in this improv-style show and to help with the dinner to raise money for Houston. Contact Shaun!


Ciara’s thoughts (March)

  • Hello everyone, we are super excited because on March 18th, we are having a bake sale! It is the weekend of St. Patrick’s Day and so we want to invite all of you to come out and help us make and sell green baked goods. This bake sale is to help us raise money for the trip to Houston! We look forward to seeing all of you participate in such a fun and green experience.


Ciara’s Thoughts (Youth Group)

  • Every Sunday we meet up at 10:00 to have our weekly lesson, these lessons are always fun and inviting because we get to share good times together and to also learn about the gospel readings each Sunday. Remember this last Sunday 2/25, Cara brought play-doh and it was a blast playing and forming symbols that we believed connected our faith. Hopefully we can do more fun stuff like this soon!

National Gathering Meeting

Hey, National Gathering Group!!

We wanted to touch base and make spring plans together as we raise money and get ready for the awesome summer trip. We’re ready to go over more details about the trip, dates to keep in mind, and brainstorm raising more money together.
It made sense to wait until after the Shrove Tuesday Fundraising efforts … and I know this is a 3 day weekend.
Let me know if you can join us at 11am in the ministry center (offices). We’ll keep it to an hour!
Thanks, and see you Sunday!
-Shaun & Tom

Retreat in late Feb!

We are together again tonight!

We continue the topic of discipleship and talk about women who were hearing the message of Jesus and following him! Come, let’s grow together in this 6 week session on Jesus and being his disciples.
Also, we’re registered with the retreat on Feb 23-25 in Santa Cruz. I’ve registered many already. We’d love to see more from our group get to go retreat together. Who else can get in??
Info below…
See you tonight!
Fun developments have come to light, and it might be a cool opportunity for some fun and growth for our group:
1. The synod high school retreat is at Mt. Cross (Santa Cruz mnts) feb 23-25th. Because it’s a year where there’s a youth gathering in Houston in the summer (for high schoolers going into fall 2018), they recently told us that 8th graders are also open to come to the retreat this February too!
And, because we have such a mature/responsible group, I say that we just say that Haven and Chase and Owen are 8th graders too and it’s open to all our group.
2. We have a good group going already.
3. Every week your kids are asking me when our next retreat is. We can still do something in April, but how about this Feb. too? This retreat will be a lot of fun, great speaker, etc.
It’s $140 for the weekend and we can see about helping a scholarship $ out so that all kids that want to go can go. And, the price goes up after this week. I gotta know!
What do you say??!!  Who’s in?
bending the rules, in typical Lutheran fashion,